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Conclusion of the Experiences Challenge: IN-OVO Coccidiosis Vaccination


In early 2023, the Experiences Challenge: IN-OVO Coccidiosis Vaccination was launched by HIPRA. This scientific challenge aimed to showcase the performance of attenuated coccidiosis vaccines administered through in-ovo injection on commercial broiler farms, utilizing field data for assessment.

HIPRA is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of this event. Numerous impressive submissions were received, highlighting innovative approaches and advancements in IN-OVO Coccidiosis Vaccination. After careful evaluation by the Jury, 3 Data trials were selected & submitted for presentation at the 2024 AAAP Annual Meeting:

  • SPAIN: “Comparative analysis of broiler chicken productivity following vaccination with different coccidiosis vaccines and using different administration methods”
  • CENTRAL EUROPE: “Performance of broiler chickens vaccinated with an in-ovo coccidiosis vaccine compared to broiler chickens treated with anticoccidial drugs in-feed”
  • BELGIUM: “Use of an attenuated Eimeria vaccine in broilers with in-ovo application for on-farm hatching”

Congratulations to the winners! Their outstanding contributions have been acknowledged with the opportunity to attend the 2024 AAAP Annual Meeting in St. Louis, USA, in July 2024. Their expertise will be a valuable addition to the event.

HIPRA appreciates the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by all participants in this challenge. Their commitment to advancing in-ovo vaccination for coccidiosis control is crucial in shaping the future of poultry health.

For any questions or further information related to the challenge, please feel free to reach out to us at corporate.poultry@hipra.com, with the subject line "CHALLENGE IN-OVO COCCIDIOSIS VACCINATION."