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HIPRA PORTUGAL organized the "III Rabbits Farming Meeting"


HIPRA Portugal organized the III RABBITS FARMING MEETING this year, with a dedicated focus on ATYPICAL MYXOMATOSIS. The event took place in the city of Vila Real and brought together more than 40 farmers, veterinarians and animal health authorities.

rabbits farming portugal

The event began with an introduction speech by Alexandre Domingues (BUM Rabbits) on HIPRA's milestones and vision, followed by Filipe Pinto (DVM, MSc HIPRA) who spoke about "Myxomatosis: Historical introduction and preventive medicine."

Afterwards, the attendees had the privilege of listening to two distinguished speakers: Pedro Esteves (PhD in Biological Sciences (FCUP), leader of the research group Immunology and emerging diseases (CIBIO/BioPolis)) with a presentation on "Nodular vs atypical myxomatosis: Pathogenesis and immune response in rabbits" and José Manuel Monteiro (DVM) speaking about "Atypical form of Myxomatosis: view from a field clinician," giving us both a researcher and a clinician's perspective on this rabbit pathology.

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The III RABBITS FARMING MEETING concluded with an early dinner where attendees had the opportunity to exchange their field experiences with others and ask more detailed questions to our team and speakers.