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10 years facing PRRS together


PRRS is still the main challenge on our farms, when you think you’ve got PRRS under control, you have PRRS again, so the fight goes on and HIPRA keeps standing by your side.

It’s 10 years since HIPRA launched UNISTRAIN® PRRS. UNISTRAIN® PRRS has demonstrated protection against highly pathogenic strains. The intradermal route with Hipradermic needle-free device represents a step forward in intradermal vaccination.



PRRS vaccines are crucial, but we need more than vaccines. HIPRA offers a complete diagnostic service to help vets and farmers to take the right decisions. HIPRA came up with the "Together Program" to get information to take the best decision for the control of the disease.

During these 10 years, HIPRA brings you closer to the experts to solve doubts.

prrs 360 vaccination