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12th & 13th HIPRA UNIVERSITY Theoretical and Practical Courses on Avian Coccidiosis


From 11th to 14th November, the 12th and 13th HIPRA UNIVERSITY courses, focusing on Poultry and specifically on theoretical and practical aspects of avian coccidiosis, were held at the headquarters of HIPRA in Amer (Girona).


The courses brought together leading specialists in poultry production from several countries (UK, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia and Costa Rica), and were led by Marc Pagès, Manager of R&D Biologicals for Coccidiosis at HIPRA, together with HIPRA’s Corporate Brand Manager for Coccidiosis, Luis Pantoja, and Senior Brand Manager, Martina Dardi.

coccidiosis-training-course-2A (2)

Both sessions covered practical aspects of the disease, such as identifying the lesions produced by different Eimeria species, their location in the digestive tract and the extent of the damage caused.

The courses were rounded off with practical examples and auditing of the administration of live attenuated coccidiosis vaccines in coarse spray form, together with a demonstration of the traceability concept provided by SMART VACCINATION.


The course is certified by the CPD Certification Service (an independent certifying body) and is part of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY continuing education programme, which offers tailor-made training solutions for veterinarians.


With this activity and the establishment of a new blog that is 100% focused on coccidiosis prevention in poultry, HIPRA is reinforcing its commitment to Prevention in both Animal Health and Coccidiosis.