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17. Promotion of the gut health


How does HIPRA contribute to the promotion of the gut health of poultry?

Of the infectious intestinal diseases that most concern poultry producers, avian coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis stand out in particular, as well as infections caused by bacteria of the Salmonella group (both because of their implications for the digestive health of the birds and, above all, because of their importance for Public Health).


HIPRA, as a veterinary laboratory specialising in prevention for animal health, has for many years been making a major contribution to the promotion of poultry gut health, providing the market with highly effective and safe vaccines against the two main conditions mentioned above: avian coccidiosis (EVALON®EVANT® , HIPRACOX®) and salmonellosis (AVISAN SECURE®).

The problems that affect digestive health are multifactorial, and control of these does not just mean prevention against infectious agents, but there are also other trigger factors for disease (toxic, nutritional, etc.).

For this reason, HIPRA is carrying out studies that enable it to identify and advise poultry producers on the best overall strategies for the protection and promotion of poultry gut health.

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