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1c. South Korea


Let's talk about Sow Mortality

Decreasing Sow Mortality after vaccination against Clostridium novyi

IPVS 2020

Yongseok, Y.; Hyundong, N.; Seo, S.; Boix, O.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of SUISENG®, (a commercial vaccine containing fimbriae and toxoids against Escherichia coli, Clostridium perfringens type C and Clostridium novyi) on the sow mortality rate after implementing a rolling vaccine program on a commercial farm in 2017.

Clostridium novyi has been shown to be a pathogen which can cause sudden death in breeding and fattening pigs, many cases of Clostridium novyi having been reported from different countries.

Furthermore, using different diagnostic techniques, more cases of Clostridium novyi are confirmed in the samples from sows that have suffered sudden death.


The decrease in mortality after implementing SUISENG® vaccination was significant. Therefore, the connection between decrease in mortality and the use of vaccine indicates that immunization against Clostridium novyi could be responsible for a significant reduction in the percentage of sow mortality cases.

The ultimate objective of this reduction is to maximize productivity whilst maintaining a regular production schedule. Further studies should be performed to evaluate the return on investment of sow vaccination against sudden death.