1st Theoretical and practical course on Newcastle disease in Malaysia


HIPRA Malaysia organized last July the first HIPRA UNIVERSITY training course focused on Newcastle disease, to be held in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Putra (Malaysia).

The course brought together over 30 poultry veterinarians to improve their knowledge of the disease, to learn about evidence-based disease diagnosis and the design of vaccination programmes for proper disease prevention, and as a good networking platform.


Newcastle is an endemic disease in Malaysia, affecting the poultry industry, the largest livestock industry in the country. The course was therefore highly anticipated by the industry players. The University of Putra was selected as the venue because of its reputation, recognition by industry veterinarians and its strategic location for the participants. 

On this occasion, the speakers were Prof. Dr. Mohd. Hair Bejo – Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Putra Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar – Director of the BioScience Institute, University Putra Malaysia, Dr. Claudio Afonso, lead investigator in the US Department of Agriculture, Dr. Jorge Villa and Dr. Ong Shyong Wey – both from HIPRA.


The course was delivered in 5 sessions covering various aspects of and updates to the virus characterization and disease, disease epidemiologydiagnostic advancement and practical evidence-based diagnosis and solutions.

The University offered its well-established facilities for the necropsy session on chickens infected by Newcastle disease for learning about necropsy procedures, identification of lesions and sample collection. The necropsy class was conducted by Prof. Dr. Mohd. Hair Bejo.


The course is certified by the Malaysian Veterinary Council CPD certification service and is part of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY continuing education programme, that offers that offers tailor-made training programmes for veterinarians.

With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to Prevention in Animal Health and Newcastle disease.