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Adaptation of CIVTEST® CANIS LEISHMANIA for automated ELISA

Appeared in: WAVLD Congress (World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians), 2019
Authors: Coma, E.; Domènech, M; Gascon, S.; Porquet, L.; Rebordosa, X.

Indirect immunofluorescence (IFAT) is the reference technique for the diagnosis of Canine leishmaniasis, but it is also complicated as it requires expertise for its interpretation. ELISA is an alternative technique which offers a suitable diagnostic performance and easy use and interpretation. CIVTEST® CANIS LEISHMANIA is an indirect ELISA, which shows an excellent level of correlation to IFAT. The objective of this work is to adapt CIVTEST® CANIS to a high throughput automated ELISA platform.

The qualitative analysis showed a good R2 value (0.8868, p <0.001) indicating a high degree of correlation between both protocols. With this new interpretation key, the ELISA maintained the Se and Sp performance with regard to their correlation with IFAT titers previously defined for the short protocol.

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