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Biosecurity of pig farms: A training course for the HIPRA CHINA Technical Service team


African Swine Fever (ASF) has arrived in China, the world’s largest pig market, and has been spreading rapidly around Asia.

HIPRA, which is committed to biosecurity on farms as a means of prevention of the spread of disease, organized a biosecurity training course in Spain for the technical service team of HIPRA China, in order to better serve customers and help them to prevent ASF.


Enric Marco, worldwide well-known consultant and expert on disease prevention, instructed the team on the external and internal biosecurity of pig farms and discussed strategies to control ASF with biosecurity.

Marco, who has been working in ASF-positive countries, says that “biosecurity is key to keeping diseases out of commercial pig farms. This is effective, easy and simple, but it has to be implemented in the right way and it involves time and effort”.


Thus, the training session covered all the areas that it is essential to review when implementing good biosecurity on farms, such as: location of the farm, gene introduction, external biosecurity, movable risks and internal biosecurity.

With this comprehensive training, the HIPRA China technical service has acquired the necessary tools and knowledge to provide guidance to farms in the fight against ASF.

With this type of initiative, HIPRA reinforces its position as the leader in prevention in animal health, providing tools to improve biosecurity on farms.