Coccidiosis vaccine for breeders and layers article

Authors: Bech G., Ros M. Sitjà M, March R, Pagès M

Duration of immunity of EVALON® was studied under laboratory conditions in facilities that impaired the introduction of external Eimeria oocysts and that do not favour reinfections. The DOI was evaluated during 60 weeks. At 14, 28, 40 and 60 weeks post-vaccination a group of vaccinated and control birds were inoculated with separate Eimeria challenges using heterologous reference challenge strains.

For all the challenges performed, vaccinated groups showed a reduction in lesion scores, oocyst excretion and clinical signs compared to control groups. Weight evolution post-challenge was not affected in vaccinated animals. The duration of immunity of the vaccine EVALON® for all Eimeria species included in the vaccine was confirmed to be until the end of the production cycle (60 weeks). It is hypothesized that this extended duration of immunity in conditions that do not favour reinfections is due to the coadministration of EVALON® with the adjuvanted solvent Hipramune® T.

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