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Comparative efficacy of different vaccination programs against Newcastle Disease

Appeared in: WVPAC Congress, 2019
Authors: Icochea, E.; Condemarin, A.; Losada, J.L.; Apaza, A.P.; Mora, B

The objective of this study was to determine the serological differences after 14 weeks of age in laying chickens using four different vaccination programs against Newcastle disease and a control non-vaccinated group against ND, using a commercial ELISA Kit (CIVTEST® AVI NDV).

The results of this trial show the importance of the live vaccines in the vaccination programme, not just because of the cellular immunity but also as a primer to the humoral response. The Hipraviar®S/H120 and the Hipraviar® Clon/H120 have a minimum titre of 10⁶∙⁵ EID50, the higher vaccine titres made a difference in the levels of antibodies.

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