Comparative serological results of 3 vaccination programmes with different inactivated vaccines against avian pneumovirus (aMPV) in Colombia

Appeared in: WVPA Congress, 2017
Authors: Corella J.; Grillo D.; Blanch, M.

The objective of the study was to determine significant differences in the levels of antibodies against the disease caused by aMPV between unvaccinated batches (G0), batches vaccinated with one dose of inactivated vaccine (G1), and batches vaccinated with two doses of inactivated vaccine (G2) as recommended in countries where the use of live vaccines is not permitted.

We can conclude that in countries where live vaccines against aMPV cannot be used, the serological behaviour against aMPV in birds vaccinated with 2 doses of HIPRAVIAR® TRT /AVISAN® TRT (G2) is more predictable and less conditioned by the field challenge than in unvaccinated birds (G0) or in those vaccinated with a single dose (G1).

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