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Correlation of two quantitative techniques: CIVTEST® CANIS LEISHMANIA and immunofluorescence antibody test in canine serum samples

Appeared in: WAVLD Congress (World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians), 2019
Authors: Gascon, S.; Coma, E.; Rebordosa, X.

The aim of the present study is to correlate the values of the commercial ELISA CIVTEST® CANIS LEISHMANIA with the IFAT technique in order to obtain a quantitative interpretation of the values obtained with ELISA.

Good quantitative correlation was obtained between the median of Rz values and IFAT categories until IFAT titre of 1/1280 (R = 0.8, p <0.001). At higher IFAT values correlation disappears (p=0.33). The ANOVA analysis of these groups shows that there are significant differences in the values of Rz as a function of the IFAT category (P = <0.001).

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