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Detect & Protect: Grand opening in Spain with speakers and guests of the highest level


Last Thursday, November 17th, the HIPRA University course was held: "Field necropsy, a new agile and intuitive method to approach diagnosis" at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zaragoza. This was the first of the practical workshops within "Detect & Protect", an ongoing project that combines practical training and audio-visual materials with the publication of articles related to bovine respiratory pathology over a period of two years.

After two years of the pandemic and with great enthusiasm to resume face-to-face training activities, no one wanted to miss it. Everybody invited attended the event. The conference brought together 20 veterinarians specializing in fattening, being technical managers from the main companies in the beef calf industry in Spain.

Marcelo de las Heras, European Diplomat and Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Zaragoza, led the practical session presenting a simple and intuitive approach to necropsy in the field, which allows diagnosis through decision trees. A correct necropsy technique is essential to identify the lesions produced by the main pathogenic agents and to guide the diagnosis and the choice of different sampling techniques. A good diagnosis allows the establishment of optimal preventive measures and thus improve the health and well-being of the animals, in addition to increasing the economic benefits for the farms.

Jaime Maldonado, Senior Manager of the HIPRA Scientific Marketing Unit, during his session, offered a practical vision of the fundamentals of the different diagnostic methods against Bovine Respiratory Syndrome (RBS) that exist and that HIPRA provides for this production sector.

The event closed with a meal together, where there was the opportunity to continue sharing experiences and to strengthen ties between the attendees. With this initiative, HIPRA reinforces once more its commitment to the beef production sector in Spain.

Detect & Protect