“E. coli, from the theory to the field”, new HIPRA UNIVERSITY course in Canada


HIPRA CANADA has organized a HIPRA University training day in Toronto with theoretical and practical sessions with the title “E. coli, from the theory to the field”.

Participating in the theoretical session were Martin Nyachoti (University of Manitoba) and Fabio Vannucci (University of Minnesota), two speakers with very different profiles and different approaches to the control of the various diseases caused by Escherichia coli.


In the practical session, Chris Rademacher (University of Iowa) described the methods of control that are used in the United States against the diseases associated with E.coli, as well as interesting experiences on farms in that country. 

Various veterinarians in the field, including François Cardinal (Triple V), Cordel Young (Precision Swine), Ed Metzger (Southwest Vets), Sjouke Van Poucke and Mike de Groot (HIPRA), then presented practical cases in which the use of two swine vaccines proved to be of great help in improving the productive and economic parameters of their farms.


On the one hand, SUISENG® vaccine against neonatal colibacillosis and Clostridium infections in swine proved to be able to combat neonatal diarrhoea in piglets and sudden death in sows.

On the other, VEPURED® vaccine against oedema disease in pigs guarantees control of clinical oedemas and the delayed growth associated with the disease.


In this way, HIPRA is helping and collaborating in the implementation of vaccination programmes with two unique products.