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Efficacy of S. aureus inactivated vaccine against an experimental intramammary heterologous challenge in dairy goats

Sheep and goats
Appeared in: National Mastitis Council, 2019
Authors: Montbrau, C.; Bech-Sabat, G., Cesio, M.; Calvo, T.; March, R.


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of S. aureus vaccine against caprine mastitis (VIMCO®, HIPRA, Spain) after an experimental intramammary challenge with a heterologous S. aureus strain in US dairy goats.


Results presented in this study demonstrate that the intramuscular immunization of goats with VIMCO® vaccine significantly reduces clinical signs of mastitis and tended to reduce bacteriological count after an intramammary infection with S. aureus heterologous strain.

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