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Environmental performance
HIPRA launches a fleet of electric vehicles for its employees

At HIPRA, we support sustainable mobility and the reduction of atmospheric emissions as part of our environmental policy.

To this end, the company has acquired a fleet of nine 100% electric vehicles for the exclusive use of employees for their journeys between different centres.


Zero emissions and long range

The electric vehicles that have been acquired are the perfect solution for sustainable mobility.

This type of vehicle does not emit carbon dioxide (one of the polluting gases that cause the greenhouse effect) and have a range of over 200 km.


Charging points for employees’ private vehicles as well

The company also has a total of 10 electric charging points at its headquarters in Amer (Girona, Spain).

Of these, 9 charging points can also be used to charge employees’ private electric vehicles whilst they are at work.We also have 1 additional charging point for the exclusive use of external visitors who wish to charge their electric vehicles. With all these initiatives, HIPRA demonstrates its commitment and leadership in the campaign against air pollution, by promoting sustainable mobility.