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ERYSENG® PARVO arrives in Argentina and consolidates the SENG range


The innovative ERYSENG® PARVO reproductive vaccine for Swine, which confers high immunity against Swine Erysipelas and Porcine Parvovirus, is already a reality in Argentina.

It was launched in June during two events held in the main areas of high swine concentration in the country.


Both events included a talk by Dr. Fernando Bortolozzo (Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), who emphasized non-infectious reproductive problems.

On the other hand, Ramon Jordà (Product Manager at HIPRA) focused on the main infectious reproductive problems and was responsible for presenting the vaccine.


The most recent publications on the vaccine and the pathology were also released during the launches.

With the arrival of ERYSENG® PARVO in Argentina, the SENG range is consolidated as the most modern gamma of vaccines for breeders.