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Experience of the use of HIPRAVIAR® SHS in broiler chickens

Date: Dec 18, 2016

aMPV causes an infection in the respiratory tract of chickens and turkeys of any age (Hafez 1993; Cook 2000), resulting in the appearance of clinical symptoms, early in turkeys, and based on various factors in chickens (field pressure, bad management, lack of biosecurity, health problems...).

The respiratory problems and the whole symptomatology described above disappeared after the start of vaccination, and the zootechnical results showed an improvement in all areas. The whole comparative study was carried out on the same farm, in successive batches, with a total length of 8 months (4 batches, 2 without vaccination against aMPV and 2 vaccinated). The farm comprises of six shed, with a capacity of 240,000 birds per cycle. A total of 917,000 birds were evaluated.



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