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Glässer’s disease: an emerging disease in Brazil


Over the last few years, Glässer’s disease has not manifested itself actively and has essentially emerged through the co-infection of animals with other diseases during the growth phases of piglets.

However, it is currently causing serious economic losses and and once again features on the pig-farming scene as a significant and prevalent disease in Brazilian pork production.


As the reference in prevention for animal health, HIPRA could not shirk its responsibility in the face of the re-emergence of the disease and therefore, through HIPRA BRAZIL, organized various technical talks for the presentation of innovations and solutions for the control of Glässer’s disease, which brought together over 200 experts and veterinarians from the main producers in each region.


Dr. Geraldo Camilo Alberton, professor at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, started the presentations by reviewing his experience in swine diseases and specifically Glässer’s disease.

Gabriel Faria, Technical & Marketing Manager at HIPRA BRAZIL, presented the new tool for the provision of diagnostic support for the disease (Glassercheck), and described the distinguishing features and characteristics of the HIPRASUIS® GLÄSSER vaccine for the control of the disease.

With the presentation of HIPRASUIS® GLÄSSER, HIPRA continues to maintain its commitment to the needs of the Brazilian market and enhances its presence for its continued growth in Brazil as the Reference in Prevention for Animal Health.