GUMBOHATCH®’s key points to convince

GUMBOHATCH® is a new immune-complex vaccine against Infectious bursal disease (IBD) developed by HIPRA. This new immune-complex vaccine has introduced a different formulation (IgY of egg origin) and control parameters (free IgY detection and neutralization control) to guarantee complete coating of the IBDV vaccine virus at the time of inoculation.

All these new improvements have resulted in a newly formulated immune-complex vaccine, which ensures the maintenance of maximum potency of the vaccine and consistent results in the field, whilst avoiding the risk of immunosuppression.

GUMBOHATCH® was launched at the end of 2019 in Europe together with some other countries in Asia and America. The situation has not been easy, bearing in mind that the kick-off of the marketing of the product was parallel to the explosion of the COVID situation all around the world. Not easy times for anyone! However, today we are proud to say that GUMBOHATCH® is already convincing the market as the next generation immune-complex vaccine against Gumboro disease!

What have been the three key points of GUMBOHATCH® to convince the market?

1.  Earlier onset of protection

One of the strategic points in the fight against Gumboro disease is to ensure full coverage of protection of our birds during the susceptible period, which normally lasts from 2 until 6 weeks of age.

During the first 2 -3 weeks of life of the chick, protection should be obtained through the passive immunity given by MDAs, as no vaccination programme in the chicks will successfully cover this period. From 3 weeks of age onwards, protection should be provided by direct vaccination of the chick (active immunity). This period between the decrease in passive immunity and the onset of active immunity must be as short as possible in order to avoid the feared immunity/defence gap.


Immune-complex vaccines can provide so-called “intelligent vaccination against IBDV” by adapting their onset of immunity to the protective needs of each individual chick, which decreases the possibility of the immunity gap that can happen when other types of vaccines are used. To achieve this effect, it will be important for the vaccine virus to reach the bursa of Fabricius and start multiplying as soon as the MDAs are getting low.

GUMBOHATCH®, with its innovative formula that guarantees the maintenance of maximum potency of the vaccine even in the presence of high MDAs, has been shown to be able to reach the bursa sooner after the decrease in MDAs and to lead to an earlier onset of protection compared with alternative vaccines against IBDV (immune-complex, vectorised, live attenuated).

Comparison with other Immune-complex vaccines:


GUMBOHATCH® showed earlier vaccine replication and higher ELISA titres on the all days of testing.


Comparison with Vectorised vaccines:


GUMBOHATCH® showed better protection and improved productivity parameters when variant viruses were circulating.


Comparison with Live attenuated vaccines in drinking water (intermediate plus):


GUMBOHATCH® showed higher ELISA titres on all the days of testing (even with higher initial MDAs) without the need to calculate the best day for vaccination.


2. Better economic impact

Vaccines can reduce productivity loss due to illness and mortality, saving money in potential treatments and contributing to economic growth. Therefore, vaccines should be considered to be an economic investment, since they often provide a higher economic impact than many other interventions.

GUMBOHATCH® has been shown to have a better economic impact (thanks to a lower mortality and FCR) compared to other vaccines when IBDV circulation has been proved.


3. Hipraject®, a very innovative subcutaneous device

It has been demonstrated that IBD prevention at hatchery level can lead to better vaccine coverage and an increase in vaccination efficiency. However, there is a particular issue that should be taken into account in this practice: how can we ensure that the chicks have been correctly vaccinated? 

With this objective as the main goal, HIPRA has developed Hipraject®, a smart device for subcutaneous administration that means a REAL STEP FORWARD in vaccine application through this route of administration.


Hipraject® main features:

Electrical activators and automatic error detection, the key to dosage accuracy:

· Delivery of a precise dosage throughout the entire vaccination process.
· Guarantee of the correct dosage at maximum speed, which is around 3,500 chicks/hour.
· Anti-error position of the needle’s bevel based on the poka-yoke concept, which positions the needle optimally to avoid loss of vaccine during the inoculation.
· Automatic detection of the presence of air in the circuit and the flow of vaccine in the vaccine connectors.

Exclusive software that automates the main processes:

· Automatic configuration needle penetration depth: The Hipraject® software allows the needle penetration depth to be regulated (P1: For chicks from batches of young breeders. P2: For chicks from batches of more adult breeders.)
· Ease of operation and maintenance: Hipraject® is a smart device that offers low maintenance and is easy to operate. Thanks to a multi- option menu that can be used via its electronic display, you will be able to manage the automatic priming and cleaning processes, for example.


Real-time control of the vaccination process, the SMART VACCINATION concept

Hipraject® is an internet of things (IoT) device that offers traceability of the vaccination process. It has an Ethernet port and 3G connectivity to share all the vaccination data with the cloud, Bluetooth® connectivity to share the vaccine data between different Hipraject® devices and an RFID antenna to read the RFID tag from the HIPRA smart vaccine vials.

All the data recorded and generated by Hipraject® can then be automatically sent to the HIPRAlink® Vaccination software, the third element of the SMART VACCINATION concept, to help veterinarians and hatchery managers to manage, analyse and certify their own vaccination activity. Furthermore, Hipraject® connectivity allows both remote Firmware updates or some settings to be customized remotely.


Thanks to all these features and much more, GUMBOHATCH® is starting to be more and more present on the poultry market.

Contact your local HIPRA representative to discover what is behind this new- generation immune-complex vaccine against IBD!