Better control of the vaccination process against Gumboro disease is possible at the hatchery

Vaccination against Gumboro disease in hatcheries has been common practice in poultry farming for some years now. The vaccination is performed in-ovo or on the day of hatching before the chicks are placed on the farm within a potentially contaminated environment.

It has been demonstrated that IBD prevention at hatchery level can lead to better vaccine coverage and an increase in vaccination efficiency.

However, there is a particular issue that should be taken into account in this practice: How can the producers be sure that the chicks have been correctly vaccinated?  In other words, how can the hatchery demonstrate that they have vaccinated according to protocol?



To address this issue adequately, HIPRA has developed SMART VACCINATION, a completely new and revolutionary concept that helps hatchery managers to control, analyse and certify their vaccination sessions.

This concept of SMART VACCINATION, that has been completely designed, developed and produced by HIPRA, brings together three interconnected elements: highly innovative vaccines, vaccination tools and vaccination management software.

1. HIGHLY INNOVATIVE VACCINES: A vaccine that features an RFID chip attached to its label that contains all the information relating to the vaccine, such as its name, the number of doses, production batch, expiry date and individual identification code of the vial.

2. VACCINATION TOOLS: A specific vaccine application device for the correct administration of the vaccine that provides precision throughout the vaccination process, low maintenance for the hatchery personnel and traceability of the vaccination process.

3. VACCINATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: HIPRAlink® Vaccination software that collects all the information on the vaccination process, generating traceability, and also serves as a management tool, for both veterinarians and hatchery managers, leading to the planning, control and analysis of the vaccination process.

With SMART VACCINATION, all the vaccination data are automatically collected during the vaccination activity and can be shared with the producer in a totally transparent manner.

Through SMART VACCINATION, then, the producer can be totally sure that chicks are vaccinated in the hatchery according to protocol for IBD prevention.


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