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HIPRA arrives in Argentina with the "SENG range"


During the month of November, HIPRA started its venture into Argentina with its most modern range of vaccines for breeders, the SENG range. SUISENG® is the innovative vaccine for the prevention of neonatal diarrhoea in piglets and sudden death in sows caused by Clostridium novyi, and RHINISENG® is the innovative vaccine for the prevention of progressive and non-progressive atrophic rhinitis. Both vaccines offer a perfect balance between safety and efficacy thanks to their exclusive, new-generation ginsenoside-based adjuvant, HIPRAMUNE® G.

Taking advantage of the arrival of this new range of vaccines, two events were organized for the presentation of HIPRA and its new products together. The first was held in the town of Rosario on Tuesday, 22nd November and the second in the town of Rio Cuarto on Thursday 24th November in the presence of a large number of national and local distributors, veterinarians and representatives of the most important companies in the sector. The launch events had presentations by @Laura Valeria Alarcón​ (Technical Marketing Manager Hipra Argentina), Eugenio Valette​ (Sales Representative, Hipra Argentina) and Ignacio Bernal Orozco​ (Corporate Product Manager, Hipra) who set out the vision, mission and values of Hipra, as well as the series of benefits that this range of vaccines will bring to the Argentinian swine sector.

This launch heralds the arrival in Argentina of SUISENG® and RHINISENG®, and with them the SENG RANGE and swine biologicals, thereby contributing to the global expansion and consolidation of HIPRA in South America as the reference in prevention for animal health.