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HIPRA confirms its commitment to the European Symposium of Porcine Health Management 2017


HIPRA participated as a Premium sponsor in the ninth ESPHM held in Prague from 3rd to 5th May. The congress was a great success, attended by over 1,600 veterinarians from all over the world. 


HIPRA’s guests included a large number of European veterinarians as well as renowned Asian and Latin American veterinarians.The focal point of HIPRA’s presence at the congress was a striking stand, its key theme being the concept of Smart Vaccination.

This concept is made up of three elements, Hipradermic®, the device for the intradermal administration of vaccines; HIPRAlink®, software that manages the vaccination process and finally intelligent vaccines with a label containing an RFID chip, making the company the leader in the concept of traceability in vaccination, being the first company globally to develop this technology.

The company also presented 25 posters of great scientific interest at the conference, concerning the biological products that it markets around the world. HIPRA thereby confirms its commitment to prevention in the world of Animal Health.