HIPRA continues innovating in its training courses and launches the first INTERACTIVE HIPRA UNIVERSITY on reproductive problems in the Philippines


During July, three HIPRA UNIVERSITY training courses on reproductive problems were held in Manila and Davao (Philippines).


As an innovation and with the desire to involve the participants in the training, these three HIPRA UNIVERSITY courses were interactive.

Attendees had remote controls during the presentations that allowed them to interact and vote the answers to different questions during clinical cases.


The courses were taught by Albert Finestra (independent Spanish Advisor), who emphasized the management of artificial insemination and pregnancy, and Ramon Jordà (Product Manager of HIPRA) with the presentation of several reproductive clinical cases.


The sessions ended with the presentation of ERYSENG® PARVO/LEPTO, a vaccine against swine erysipelas, porcine parvovirus and leptospirosis.


With the completion of this HIPRA UNIVERSITY, ERYSENG® PARVO / LEPTO is consolidated as the reference reproductive vaccine in the Philippines and HIPRA as the reference in innovation, technology and prevention for animal health.