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HIPRA HELLAS organized an awareness event about abortions caused by Chlamydia abortus in sheep and goats

Sheep and goats

On September 30th, HIPRA HELLAS held an event addressing the problems caused by chlamydial infection in sheep and goats farming, along with the available market solutions to deal with them. More than 80 sheep and goat veterinarians attended the event, which took place at the Limneon Resort & Spa in Kastoria, Greece, throughout the weekend.


The Ruminant team at HIPRA HELLAS organized an event for veterinarians in the sheep and goat sector with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of preventing enzootic abortion of ewes and goats. Veterinarians from across the country had the opportunity to listen to Prof. Fthenakis (DVM, MSc, PhD, Dip. ECAR, Dip. ECSRHM, Professor of University. of Thessaly) speaking about the current situation regarding abortions in small ruminants in Greece. Also, Prof. Petridou (DVM, PhD, Associate Professor of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) discussed ovine enzootic abortion and how to implement a proper diagnostic strategy for its accurate identification on farms. Prof. Kiosis (DVM, PhD, DECSRHM, Professor of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki) provided practical insights on how to act for disease control once it is present on the farm. 

Chlamydia event Greece

The event also featured members of the HIPRA team. Leonidas Filippoulos, Business Manager at HIPRA HELLAS, began the session with a talk about the company's strategy and objectives in both the animal and human sectors. Pablo Núñez, Global Franchise Manager for small ruminants, discussed the tools the company offers to prevent abortions, focusing on the prevention and control of enzootic abortion through vaccination (INMEVA®).

The event provided a great opportunity for all attendees to share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues, enabling them to implement improvements in their daily routines to better deal with this common issue in farming.

Greece is one of the key countries for the sheep and goat sector in Europe, with a population of over 7.5 million sheep and 3 million dairy goats, making it one of the world's leading producers of sheep and goat milk. The event organized by HIPRA demonstrates how the multinational company stands by veterinarians and farmers in this country to assist them in the path of prevention, improving animal welfare, and the well-being of those who care for them.


Chlamydia event Greece
Chlamydia event Greece