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HIPRA INDONESIA organizes a webinar on aMPV and introduces its new DIAGNOS service


On 19th August 2020, HIPRA presented a webinar session entitled “Avian Metapneumovirus: The Hidden Threat and Introducing HIPRA Diagnos in Indonesia”.

This event was attended by more than 150 HIPRA customers from all over the Indonesian area, such as West Java, East Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.


The webinar was led by Diptya Cinantya, Technical & Marketing Manager for the Indonesian subsidiary, who introduced the webinar concepts at the beginning of the event. The opening speech was given by Mr. Amke Wijatman, Business Manager for HIPRA Indonesia.

The aMPV seminar was dedicated to creating customer awareness of the threat of Avian metapneumovirus in breeders and layers. The disease caused by Avian metapneumovirus could have a significant negative economic impact on the poultry industry, mainly due to the complicated respiratory syndrome caused and a decline in productivity and performance.

Tony Unandar, KOL HIPRA Indonesia, described how aMPV could be a primary and secondary agent, especially with other disease agents, such as Mycoplasma spp., E. coli and ORT.


Once it has entered the chicken through the oronasal route, this virus attacks the respiratory tract immune system and leads to immunosuppression, enhancing susceptibility to secondary infections. Furthermore, aMPV also spreads through the blood vessels and infects various organs, mainly the reproductive tract. 

This event was used by HIPRA Indonesia for the grand launch of the new HIPRA Diagnos laboratory facility that can be used to support its customers.

Jaime Maldonado, Scientific Marketing Unit Manager, explained that HIPRA Diagnos was present in accordance with HIPRA’s vision of being a world reference in prevention, with distinctive products for animal health, preventing infectious diseases by identifying pathogenic agents.


To achieve this, HIPRA has modern analytical techniques and technical staff helping to interpret the lab results so that preventive action, including a vaccination programme and strategic treatment, can be implemented within a reliable time. 

Continuing with the introduction of HIPRA Diagnos, Florensia Nailufar, Lab Diagnos Manager for HIPRA Indonesia, focused on explaining the services that it provides, which include serology analysis, parasitology examination limited to oocyst counting and biological molecular analysis for several diseases for which HIPRA has vaccines on the market.


The last presentation, given by Ong Shyong Wey, Regional Technical and Marketing Manager, described technical services, programmes, and devices from HIPRA that are dedicated to supporting all its customers in disease prevention strategy and decision-making.

At the end of each session, participants had the opportunity to share their concerns and doubts with the speakers.

With this new online initiative, HIPRA proves its commitment to the poultry industry as the reference in prevention for animal health.