HIPRA joins the "INNOÀPAT" Food Community


This community aims to increase investment in R&D and Innovation of Catalan agri-food companies as a measure to improve their competitiveness.



Laboratorios Hipra, S.A. and Hipra Scientific, S.L.U. are members of SMARTPROD, a project based on research, develop and implementation of new products for prevention, new vaccines strategies and sanitary tools to guarantee the supply of quality animal protein, increase profitability, competitiveness and food security.

All activities that are included within the project are aimed at achieving following objectives:

Increase quality and quantity of animal protein for human consumption, both of avian origin (meat and egg), and fish, improving the quality of food for human consumption.
Improve welfare, animal and human health.
Reduce production cost of several species or animal categories, such as free-range chickens, organic chickens, breeders, or others in poultry, and mainly sea bass in aquaculture.
Reduce antibiotics consumption, removing their use in some specific productions.
Grow industry, creating qualified new jobs, and increasing internationalization of Catalan companies.


The set of activities of the project will have a positive effect on food safety and quality, animal welfare and environment, as well as on the increase of food availability since it will increase both the productivity and the food quality for consumption.

This project, created through RIS3CAT Action Plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the objective of promoting technological development, innovation and a quality research.