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HIPRA launched STARTVAC® in Iran and Bangladesh


In the first term of 2017, HIPRA launched STARTVAC® in two Asian countries: Bangladesh and Iran. The first one was organized with Nasco Agro Bangladesh in six different locations across the Bangladesh bringing together more than 400 vets and dairy professionals. The highlight was the event at Milk Vita, which is the biggest milk production company.


During the events, HIPRA’s representative, Jae Choi, Asia Regional Technical and Marketing Manager, along with Dr. Aziz from Nasco Agro, gave presentations on contagious and environmental mastitis with special emphasis on preventive measures such as vaccination. Dr. Sheikh Abdul Hamid Lablu, vice chairman of Milk Vita, said “One of the biggest threats to our industry is mastitis and I am grateful to acknowledge that there is a vaccine with proven efficacy and safety”.

For the second one, HIPRA and Parsian Pakhsh launched STARTVAC® in Iran at the IVth International congress of Large Animal Practitioners, which brought together almost 800 veterinarians and professionals from the country and surrounding areas and in which HIPRA was participating for the first time. During the events, HIPRA benefitted from the participation of the Dutch opinion leader Hans Caron, who presented some of the key measures for success in the prevention of mastitis.

With the registration of STARTVAC® in Bangladesh and Iran, HIPRA demonstrates its commitment to the training of professionals in prevention in bovine health on the Asian continent and continues to consolidate its position as the reference in prevention for animal health.