HIPRA launched VEPURED® in Canada during the Banff Pork Seminar


The Banff Pork Seminar (held last January 8-10, 2019) is the reference meeting for the pork industry in Canada. Nearly 750 attendees attended the current edition, representing all segments involved in pork production.


Into the framework of the congress, HIPRA CANADA launched VEPURED®, the latest vaccine to control edema disease in its clinical and subclinical form.

VEPURED® is a vaccine made of recombinant Verotoxin 2e antigen and a double adjuvant, DEAE and aluminium hydroxide.

After application in piglets from 2 days of age, VEPURED® can reduce clinical signs and mortality due to edema disease in both nursery and fattening, controlling as well the loss of average daily weight gain occurred due to the disease.

In addition, HIPRA presented a poster entitled “Serological survey of Porcine Parvovirus and Swine Erysipelas on vaccinated sow farms. Identifying vaccination failures on Canadian farms”.

The results of this poster suggest weaknesses in currently implemented vaccination protocols in the Canadian pork industry and the necessity of change these vaccination protocols and/or use more innovative vaccines to cover these gaps.


Since 2017 HIPRA CANADA has been very active in commercializing and licensing new innovative products for livestock which includes the following swine vaccines: SUISENG®, ERYSENG® PARVO and now VEPURED®.

With the presence on the Banff Pork Seminar, HIPRA continues their commitment as the Reference in Prevention for Animal Health in Canada.