HIPRA launches EVALON® in Brasil


On 24 March 2017, HIPRA launched EVALON®, its new live attenuated vaccine against coccidiosis in broiler breeders and laying hens, together with the HIPRAMUNE®T solvent, for the Brazilian market.


The launch took place in Montevideo (Uruguay) at the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel. Carles Fàbrega (America’s Zone Director at HIPRA) was in charge of opening the event and welcoming the guests, and spoke in more detail about HIPRA, a company that is recognised for its quality and innovation, as well as its focus and commitment to prevention within Animal Health.

The event was attended by Prof. Elizabeth Santin (Associate Professor of Avian Pathology at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba), who presented the mechanisms of immunity in the host's response to coccidiosis, with an emphasis on cell-mediated immunity. Cell-mediated immunity is critical for defending animals against coccidiosis. More knowledge about how this occurs will help to develop new forms of coccidiosis control. Likewise, knowing the mechanisms of immunity may foster the proper use of vaccines in the control of this disease.

Marc Pagès (Researcher and Manager of Biological R&D Projects at HIPRA) also highlighted the reason behind the vaccine's composition and the importance of a solvent containing an adjuvant that helps to stimulate cellular immune response: HIPRAMUNE®T. The solvent in EVALON® contains a light violet dye to stimulate preening after vaccination with coarse spray droplet, with a vanillin flavour that also encourages preening activity, especially in low light conditions, and an adjuvant—for the first time in a live vaccine—that enhances cellular immune response by activating the production of interferon γ and IL-2, and guarantees lasting protection (up to 60 weeks post-vaccination)."

Martina Dardi (Corporate Product Manager for the Coccidiosis Line at HIPRA) and Cristina Martín (Marketing Technologist at HIPRA) concluded the session by addressing another important issue: The importance of a good vaccination process as the starting point for correct immunisation against coccidiosis. Finally, participants were presented with a traceability concept provided by HIPRAspray®— a specific administration device for EVALON® administration —and the HIPRAlink® vaccination management tool developed by HIPRA to provide traceability services. HIPRAlink® allows for the flawless documentation of the vaccination process in the hatchery and ensures that field technicians receive real-time information about the vaccination process.

The event ended with a wine tasting and a dinner at Bodega Bouza, so that all guests could enjoy some of the Uruguayan specialities and traditions.

With the launch of EVALON®, HIPRA reinforces its commitment to the prevention of coccidiosis and focuses its support on Brazilian poultry industry professionals.