HIPRA launches EVALON® in Portugal, Spain, France and The Netherlands


Over the last month, HIPRA has launched its new live attenuated coccidiosis vaccine for breeders and layers EVALON®, with its solvent HIPRAMUNE® T, in several European countries: Portugal, Spain, France and The Netherlands.


Present at all the events was Martina Dardi, Corporate Group Product Manager for Coccidiosis vaccines at HIPRA, who emphasized the reason for the composition and the importance of a solvent which contains an adjuvant that is able to boost the cellular immune response: HIPRAMUNE® T. In fact EVALON®’s solvent contains a light purple colorant -to stimulate preening following coarse spray application-, a vanillin flavouring that promotes this preening behaviour -especially in poor light- and an adjuvant -for the first time in a live vaccine- that boosts the cellular immune response by activating the production of Interferon-ϒ and IL-2 and ensuring lasting protection (up to 60 weeks after vaccination).   

Another major topic discussed at every launch was the importance of a good vaccination technique as a starting point for the correct onset of coccidiosis immunity and the audience was also introduced to the concept of traceability provided by Hipraspray® -a dedicated spray device for EVALON® coarse spray administration- and HIPRAlink® -software developed by HIPRA to provide traceability services in the vaccination processes-. With HIPRAlink® the work of the hatchery is perfectly documented and the field technician receives real-time information about the vaccination process.

Every event finished with a social activity organized by HIPRA for all participants in order to enjoy together each country’s special characteristics and traditions. With the European EVALON® launch, HIPRA is strengthening its commitment to coccidiosis prevention and demonstrating its support for professionals in the European poultry industry.