HIPRA launches UNISTRAIN® PRRS vaccine in Vietnam


On 9th and 13th November, HIPRA brought together over 100 swine veterinarians and farmers from Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi respectively.

With the message “Dealing with the variability of PRRS”, HIPRA presented in the country its vaccine against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, UNISTRAIN® PRRS.


In Vietnam, PRRS is the most important problem for pig producers as there is a huge variety of PRRS strains in the field.

Accordingly, the most important characteristic of UNISTRAIN® PRRS is the heterologous protection that it confers against type I, type II and even highly-pathogenic strains.

HIPRA’s commitment to PRRS control is clear and this is why HIPRA also presented “The book of PRRS knowledge in a Vietnamese version. In this book, HIPRA brings together all the expertise and knowledge about how to control the disease. 

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tat Toan (Dean of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Nong Lam University) talked about the PRRS situation in Vietnam, highlighting the huge variability of PRRS strains in the field.

Joel Miranda (Corporate Brand Manager) introduced UNISTRAIN® PRRS and all the services and tools that HIPRA has to offer. And finally, Ming Hsun Wu (Regional Technical Marketing Manager) presented different Asian experiences of good control of PRRS with the use of UNISTRAIN®PRRS.


Finally, during the Q&A session, the participants had the chance to ask the speakers directly about UNISTRAIN®PRRS and the benefits of the vaccine for the Vietnamese swine industry. It was a very inclusive and fruitful session.

With the launch of UNISTRAIN® PRRS in Vietnam, HIPRA continues to consolidate its position as the reference in prevention, offering a global control strategy in the fight against PRRS.