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HIPRA launches YURVAC® RHD in Europe


On Tuesday, November 21, HIPRA launched YURVAC® RHD, the first recombinant RHD vaccine indicated for protection against rabbit haemorrhagic disease caused by both the classic and variant strains, including highly virulent strains. The event took place at the Modernist Sant Pau venue in Barcelona, where over 60 professionals gathered from the rabbit farming sector across Europe.

To kick off the day, the attendees visited HIPRA's facilities in Amer (Girona). During the visit, an interview with experts was also organized, assessing the current situation of rabbit farming from the perspective of professionals from different countries.

Yurvac launch 2023

In the afternoon, back in Barcelona, the launch event for YURVAC® RHD took place. Dr. Joana Abrantes, PhD, a researcher from the University of Porto and specialist in rabbit virology, gave a presentation entitled: Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHD): a never-ending story, in which she explained the evolution of RHD, considering the emergence of strains with higher virulence on farms. Additionally, she highlighted the importance of VP60 in the immune response. Finally, she explained the biosecurity measures that should be implemented along with an appropriate vaccination protocol.

Later, Sandra Gascón, Global Product Manager for YURVAC® RHD, interviewed the two main researchers responsible for the trials at HIPRA, Mireia Fontseca and Eva Perozo. During the interview, they explained the excellent results obtained in preclinical and clinical studies conducted during the development and registration of YURVAC® RHD.

Yurvac launch 2023

Among its numerous advantages, YURVAC® RHD is the first commercial veterinary vaccine to use yeast as a technological platform to recombinantly produce the RHD virus capsid protein in the form of VLP (virus-like particles). It is also the first RHD vaccine indicated for protection against highly virulent RHDV2 strains and provides cross-protection against classic strains (RHDV).

With this launch, HIPRA reaffirms its position as a leader in rabbit haemorrhagic disease control, continuing to focus on strengthening rabbit vaccination plans.

Lourdes Porquet Yurvac launch
Hospital Sant Pau Yurvac launch