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HIPRA makes its biotechnology facilities and equipment available to the health authorities


To help deal with the health crisis, we have given over our new laboratories to hospitals for the analysis of samples and the manufacture of ventilators with 3D printers


We at HIPRA have reached an agreement with the health authorities that will allow the principal hospitals in the province of Girona (Spain) to make use of a large part of our new facilities.

This involves nearly 700 m2 of laboratories equipped with the latest PCR diagnostic technology which will be used to streamline the management and production of the results of tests for coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

This information has been published in several national media and local newspapers as well.

As an Animal Health company, it is our duty and an act of responsibility to make use of all the resources that we have at our disposal in order to help preserve public health in such exceptional times, hence the need to collaborate with hospitals by giving over our new diagnostic facilities that have just been built at our headquarters and that were on the point of being opened.

The facilities contain the most up-to-date equipment and apparatus for PCR analysis. This type of real-time diagnosis allows hundreds of samples to be analysed in a few hours, backed up by the automation of the process.


The samples received will come from different hospitals in the region and will be processed in accordance with international protocols and the strictest biosecurity and biocontainment measures. Staff from the  hospitals, and from various local biotechnology startups who are parties to this agreement, will move to our facilities and will be responsible for the entire process of analysis, whilst HIPRA experts will provide support with their knowledge and experience in biotechnology.

It is estimated that this collaboration will last for 2 or 3 weeks, although it will remain in force for as long as the health authorities need help in dealing with the current health emergency.

We're also helping to produce medical ventilators with 3D printers

Furthermore, HIPRA is also producing parts by 3D printing for the manufacture of medical ventilators which will also be supplied to hospitals in the region. This project is being co-ordinated through companies and institutions such as HP, LEITAT Managing Technologies and other public bodies.

In addition, we have introduced a whole series of measures to preserve the health of our employees and everyone around them.We are also continuing to manufacture and distribute our medicinal products, which is essential both to ensure the supply of healthy food to the population and to maintain the health of our pets who share our homes.