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HIPRA organises a training on diagnosis of Swine infectious diseases in collaboration with the Colombian Agricultural Institute


The swine team of HIPRA Colombia has carried out a series of Hipra University workshops focused on the diagnosis of the most prevalent infectious diseases in that country.


For these workshops, collaboration and resources were provided by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), in four locations (regional laboratories) located in the main pig producing areas of the country.

The seminars were attended by veterinarians and zootechnicians from 37 integrating companies and independent farms (62,000 breeders) who had the opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions on diagnostic methods in general, and in particular those services offered by HIPRA.

The presentations made by Jaime Maldonado (UCAM) were complemented with necropsy sessions and sampling at the ICA facilities. Ruth Hinestrosa (swine TMM) coordinated the seminars, and shared with clients opinions and ideas about the diagnosis and prevention of pig diseases such as pleuropneumonia and Glässer's disease, the two causes of the biggest health and economic problems in the local industry.