HIPRA organizes a course on emerging diseases and swine pathologies in Peru


The HIPRA subsidiary in Peru carried out the second edition of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY course for farm professionals at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National University of San Marcos.


The main theme of the course was "Emerging diseases and swine pathologies".

The course consisted of two sessions: the first session was theoretical, in which they raised topics such as emerging and reemerging diseases and the latest advances in viral diseases in pigs, practical cases of diagnosis of diseases and their prevention.


The second session was practical and focussed on the techniques of necropsies in rearing and fattening animals.

The following speakers participated in the course: Carlos Perfumo (DVM PhD), Professor in special and clinical pathology and swine health.


Anatomopathological diagnosis of diseases of pigs at the University of La Plata (Argentina); Isaac Rodriguez-Ballarà (DVM MSc), Regional Swine Technical and Marketing Manager at HIPRA; and with Katherine Portilla (MV), head of the Porcine Cholera Eradication Programme in Peru.