HIPRA organizes a session for Companion Animal veterinarians from Colombia and Peru


Last May, HIPRA hosted in its headquarters in Amer (Girona, Spain) a session about immunological principles in the production of companion animal vaccines which gathered several veterinarians from Colombia and Peru.

Lourdes Porquet, Manager of the Companion Animals Business Unit in HIPRA explained how vaccines help the immune system and the tools required for the prevention of canine diseases like parvovirus infectionsdistemperhepatitislaryngotracheitistracheobronchitis and leptospirosis.

She also spoke about the methods of production of the HIPRADOG® range of vaccines: HIPRADOG 7, HIPRADOG PV, HIPRADOG DP and HIPRADOG DHLP.


Pere Busquets, an external consultant, spoke on the introduction to clinical practiceinfectious diseases and treatment in canine clinical practice. During their stay, they also visited HIPRA’s facilities and two reference veterinary practices, the Clínica Mendieta in Palamós and the Hospital Veterinario Canis in Girona.

During the visit to the Hospital Veterinario Canis, Dr.  Cristina Font gave a presentation on seizures: types, diagnostic tests and treatment.

With the visit of this group of small animal veterinarians from Colombia and Peru, HIPRA emphasizes its commitment to prevention in animal health and shows its support for professionals in the clinical practice for companion animals veterinary sector.