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HIPRA participates in the ANAPORC Congress, focussing on the vaccination of piglets against PRRS


HIPRA sponsored the 50th ANAPORC 2019 congress which this year was held in the city of Salamanca (Spain).

Organized by the National Association of Scientific Pig Farming, this congress brings together numerous and renowned professionals in the swine industry every year.


On this occasion, HIPRA focussed on the many benefits that are obtained by vaccinating piglets with the vaccine UNISTRAIN® PRRS using the Hipradermic® intradermal device.

It also presented the 16-week “Together against PRRS” programme for the control of PRRS, which is based on the vaccination of piglets


Before the ANAPORC congress, HIPRA organized a technical session entitled “How do we control respiratory diseases against a background of reduction of antibiotic use?” in which Dr. Virginia Aragón (CRESA), Dr. Daniel Torrents (HIPRA Spain) and Dr. Massimiliano Baratelli (UCAM HIPRA) participated as speakers.

During the session, aspects such as the reduction of antibiotic use and its effect on the nasal microbiota were dealt with and the advances in the control of influenza were explained.

New ideas for the control of Glässer’s disease and APP were also presented. The session concluded with a round table where the guests were able to discuss and resolve their doubts and concerns with the speakers.