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HIPRA participates in the IXth Caprine Forum with a presentation on the "Influence of mastitis on milk health"

Sheep and goats

On 4th April, HIPRA participated in the Health module at the IXth National Caprine Forum in Córdoba (Spain), sponsoring the presentation on the "Influence of mastitis on production and milk health", given by Dr. Ana Martí de Olives, Professor of animal production at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) in Elche.


During her talk, Dr. de Olives explained how subclinical mastitis affects the quality of milk, and as a consequence, the yield and quality of products made with it.

For this reason, she emphasized the importance of controlling subclinical mastitis on farms in order to guarantee the quality of goat milk production.

With its participation in the National Caprine Forum, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to the training of specialists in the sector and promotes the implementation of its programmes for the prevention of subclinical mastitis, which include vaccination with VIMCO® (Inactivated vaccine against caprine and ovine mastitis) and AGALAXIPRA® (Inactivated vaccine against contagious agalactia) amongst other solutions.