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HIPRA PORTUGAL participated as Gold Sponsor in the 9th HVME Congress (Hospital Veterinário Muralha de Évora)


HIPRA PORTUGAL participated as a Gold Sponsor in the 9th Congress of the HVME, held on 9th and 11th March in Évora (Portugal). On this occasion, the company organized a lecture and a Workshop where the special invited speaker was Joan Pineda. Around 600 people attended the congress, reaffirming this as the largest technical meeting on beef cattle in Portugal.


During the congress, HIPRA organized a lecture on the management of critical factors in beef herds (preventive measures) together with a workshop for veterinarians on the diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) with Juan Pineda (Production Medicine Consultant).

The lecture on the 1st day focussed on the main pillars of beef herd management, emphasizing the importance of biosecurity and the implementation of a complete and balanced vaccination protocol. The workshop was based on the aetiology and diagnosis of BRD, with special emphasis on bacterial agents. All the participants had the opportunity to practice different diagnostic techniques such as nasal swabs (Boviresp FTA), transtracheal washes and necropsy. It was the unanimous opinion that this workshop exceeded learning expectations.

With this initiative, HIPRA strengthened its partnership with veterinary practitioners and beef producers in the prevention of animal diseases and consolidated the important role of HIPRABOVIS® IBR MARKER LIVE, HIPRABOVIS® BALANCE and HIPRABOVIS® SOMNI/Lkt in the prevention of reproductive disorders and BRD in beef cattle.