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HIPRA presents HIPRADOG® DHLP in Peru


From 13 to 15 March, HIPRA launched its HIPRADOG® DHLP vaccine, completing the range of vaccines for pets in Peru. HIPRADOG®DHLP is a live vaccine to prevent canine parvovirus infections, distemper, hepatitis and laryngotracheitisand an inactivated vaccine to prevent leptospirosis. The launch was held in Peru’s major cities: Chiclayo (Casa Andina Select Hotel), Lima (Country Club Hotel) and Arequipa (Casa Andina Classic Hotel).


The event was opened by Luis López, Business Manager of HIPRA in Peru, with a presentation of the company and of the guest speakers.

Lourdes Porquet, Corporate Business Unit Manager for pets at HIPRA, spoke about the principal immunologicals in vaccine production. She explained how vaccines provide the immune system with the necessary tools to prevent diseases. She described the safety of the production methods which increase the purity of the antigens in the composition of vaccines.

Then, Elena Sánchez, Product Manager of vaccines for pets at HIPRA, presented the general criteria for selecting a vaccine. She noted the importance of the antigen load in the efficacy of vaccines, particularly in high pressure surroundings of the pathology in the field, and in overcoming the maternal immunity barrier in puppies. She also presented the range of HIPRADOG® vaccines.

To conclude the session, a raffle was held offering participants the chance to win 1 of 6 invitations to attend the Latin American Veterinary Conference, where HIPRA participated.

The event ended with a dinner organised by HIPRA, offering participants the chance to enjoy lively conversation and Peruvian delicacies.

The launch of HIPRADOG® DHLP in Peru reinforces HIPRA’s commitment to prevention for animal health and highlights its support for professionals in the small animal veterinary clinic sector.