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HIPRA presents an updated site focusing on Coccidiosis Prevention in Poultry


As one of the leading companies for coccidiosis vaccines for poultry, HIPRA provides free access to its knowledge in a renovated site devoted entirely to coccidiosis prevention in poultry:

This new version of EimeriaPrevention is more user-friendly and clearly-structured.

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Eimeria is a very well-known parasite in the poultry industry all over the world and its economic impact on this industry has been estimated several times to be around $3 billion/year.

Although it is a well known parasite, there is still a lot to learn about its behavior in the field and possible prevention strategies. The main aim of this blog is to share information with any professionals who are faced with the challenge of coccidiosis in their day-to-day practice.

EimeriaPrevention contains a blog, videos, publications and other tools to support poultry professionals

EimeriaPrevention is composed of different sections:

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  • Blog: this section is dedicated to the posts that HIPRA publishes about different practical aspects of coccidiosis and coccidiosis vaccination.
  • Videos: contains all the videos that HIPRA has produced in recent years in order to explain (in the simplest way) difficult concepts such as the biological cycle of Eimeria and coccidiosis immunology.
  • Library: contains all the articles published so far by HIPRA on the subject of coccidiosis, from the experience acquired with the use of coccidiosis vaccines in the field to more scientific articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Calculators: this is a practical section that contains two calculators. Both help to calculate the water dilution of HIPRA’s coccidiosis vaccines (HIPRACOX®, EVALON® and EVANT®) for correct coarse spray application.
  • FAQ’s: a section which includes the answers to the most frequently asked questions about coccidiosis and the possibility for users to put their own questions directly to HIPRA.


With this new version of, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to coccidiosis prevention and demonstrates its support for professionals in the poultry industry.