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HIPRA provides in Korea the keys to controlling early colonizers and vertical transmission in sow vaccination


Following the previous success of HIPRA UNIVERSITY courses in Europa, Latin America and Asia, a new HIPRA UNIVERSITY course focussing on “control of early colonizers and vertical transmission by the use of appropriate sow vaccination" was held in Korea during the second week of July, with more than 300 farmers and 100 vets attending these sessions. 


The course was held with the participation of the expert Enric Marco, founder and managing director of MARCO VETGRUP S.L, which offers a wide range of advisory services: control and diagnosis of diseasesproductive control and farm managementepidemiologyenvironmental controlfarm optimizationbiosecurity and human resources.


HIPRA was represented by Alba Martos (Corporate Group Product Manager of RHINISENG®, vaccine against swine atrophic rhinitis), and SangWon Seo (Technical & Marketing Manager HIPRA Korea).

The sessions included the most relevant aspects of bacterial diseases in pigs, especially those pathogens considered to be early colonizers, among which Bordetella bronchiseptica should be noted.


Special emphasis was placed on their infection dynamics, and how in most cases pigs are found to be co-infected with several of these bacteria, thus suffering from severe symptoms and lesions.

Treatment and control options were also reviewed, emphasizing the vaccination of sows in order to protect their piglets, especially in a context in which the use of prophylactic antibiotics is continually decreasing.


Finally, a special session for Atrophic Rhinitis was held, as a re-emerging disease worldwide.

The course forms part of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY continuing education programme that offers customized training solutions for veterinarians. With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to Prevention in Animal Health.