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HIPRA sponsors the 4th RELIM Conference in Uruguay


For the fourth year in succession, HIPRA participated as a Platinum Sponsor in the 4th RELIM conference that was held in Montevideo (Uruguay) from 28th to 30th November. On this occasion, the company collaborated on the presentations given by Volker Kromker (University of Hannover, Germany) and Paolo Moroni (Cornell University, USA), as well as organizing a symposium on the control of mastitis caused by S. aureus.


HIPRA collaborated at this event by sponsoring the presentations by Volker Kromker, of the University of Hannover (Germany), who in two presentations elaborated on both the economic impact of mastitis and the importance of the dry period; and by Paolo Moroni of Cornell University (USA), who explained the relevance of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci (CNS).

Both presentations focussed strongly on prevention and the need for a proactive approach to the control of mastitis. Apart from these presentations, the company organized a symposium in which both speakers presented a practical plan for the control of mastitis caused by S. aureus based on the concept of 1+1=3, i.e. the synergy of adding together good management (1) and an excellent vaccination plan (1) produces the best results (3). Finally, a selected group of participants was able to take part in a field workshop held on a commercial farm where they were able to apply the knowledge that they had acquired.

Attendance at the RELIM conference was high, with participants having the opportunity to update and broaden their knowledge of milk quality and mastitis prevention, as well as being able to share their experience with other participants.

RELIM is the reference organization for milk quality in Latin America and since the first such event, HIPRA has been a preferred partner as a principal sponsor of the first four conferences. By supporting RELIM, HIPRA emphasizes its commitment to milk quality in Latin America.