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HIPRA sponsors a health panel discussion at the VIIth National Caprine Forum

Sheep and goats

HIPRA was the preferred partner at the VIIth NATIONAL CAPRINE FORUM held in Ronda (Spain), on 30th June and 1st July. It also sponsored the health panel discussion of the topic “No place for improvisation in Quality and Health” chaired by Miguel Angel Sanz Franco, small ruminants expert in the company.

A total of four national and international speakers took part in this health panel discussion, who covered various topics relating to the improvement of the quality of goat milk with the main focus on the importance of prevention.

The first was Dr. Gerrit Koop of the University of Utrecht who spoke about the importance of “Udder health in Dutch dairy goats”. In second place, Dr. Carlos Gonzalo Abascal spoke about “The cell count as a tool for predicting production and financial losses as a result of subclinical mastitis”. Thirdly, Juan Echeverría discussed “The influence of the milking machine on subclinical mastitis”. Finally, Ramiro Casimiro spoke about “Veterinary Prescription. Impact on the goat industry”.

Lastly, the chairman himself, Miguel Ángel Sanz Franco, presented a field trial which showed how vaccination with VIMCO®, a vaccine against subclinical mastitis, yielded a benefit of 17.66€ per goat in the first 4 months of lactation, simply as a result of the increase in production (17.13€) and the milk price premium (0.53€).

With its participation in the forum, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to the goat industry and the quality of milk in Spain, as well as consolidating its position as the reference in prevention for Animal Health.