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HIPRA TAIWAN hosts a seminar about Oedema Disease, a key problem in swine farms


HIPRA TAIWAN recently hosted a seminar about Oedema Disease, a key problem in swine farms. The event, which took place at Taichung City, welcomed around 80 guests, including veterinarians and farmers.

Through this seminar, participants could extend their knowledge of Oedema disease and its impact in the farms. Also, the attendees has the opportunity to know about both solution & diagnostic that HIPRA provided to their customers.

taiwan oedema disease

Emili Barba, Global Pipeline Manager, brought a wealth of knowledge to the audience by sharing insights on Gut Health in the nursery related to the current issues in the swine industry. Gabriel Alvarez, Global Product Manager, introduced Vepured®, the new Oedema disease vaccine for Taiwan, and shared successful field experiences.

Alex Wu, Regional Technical Marketing Manager, talked about how to identify the problems caused by Verotoxin-2e with the unique diagnostic tool “Verocheck”.

edema taiwan swine

The event was an invaluable opportunity for attendees to interact with experts, fostering knowledge exchange and a deeper understanding of Oedema Disease and the importance of Verotoxin-2e control.

When the new preventive solution against Oedema disease is available, we strongly believe that the productivity of Taiwan pig farms will move one step forward!

vepured taiwan swine disease