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HIPRA takes a step forward in Taiwan with the launch of UNISTRAIN® PRRS vaccine


Last September, we brought together over 190 swine producers from Taiwan for the launch of UNISTRAIN® PRRS, our live vaccine for sows and piglets which confers broad heterologous protection against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.


Advanced tools to fight PRRS

With the message “ONE STEP FORWARD”, HIPRA not only presented UNISTRAIN® PRRS but also a toolkit that provides producers with a complete range of solutions in the fight against PRRS disease on farms.

With the combination UNISTRAIN® PRRS + ERYSENG® PARVO (our vaccine against PPV and SE), the concept of SMART VACCINATION (a service that allows traceability of PRRS vaccination), and the experience of our team, HIPRA is positioned as the reference for the control of PRRS.


In addition to the presentations of Professor Lyoo (Korea) and Professor Chiou (Taiwan) giving the latest updates on PRRS around the world, the local experience with the vaccine was also explained by the HIPRA Taiwan team. 

Attendees were also able to try out the SMART VACCINATION concept thanks to demonstrations with the HIPRADERMIC® 2.0 intradermal device and HIPRAlink® Vaccination software.


With the launch of UNISTRAIN® PRRS in Taiwan, HIPRA continues to consolidate its position as the reference in prevention, offering a global control strategy in the fight against PRRS.