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HIPRA TURKIYE organizes a workshop with trout producers


HIPRA TURKIYE organized a workshop last week in the provinces of Trabzon and Elazığ. Metin Ilemin, the Technical Marketing Manager for Turkey, combined efforts with Erik Díaz, the Global Business Unit Manager. 

The objective of these workshops was to strengthen relations and facilitate a mutual exchange of perspectives between Turkish trout producers and HIPRA. Events that aimed to provide valuable knowledge on various topics, including fish diseases, vaccination benefits, farm management and biosecurity. 

Turkey workshop with trout producers

The holistic approach taken during the talks, was driven by the specific needs of local producers. Aimed to address those needs that will contribute to consolidate the industry. 

The overwhelming interest and active participation witnessed during the presentations clearly indicate that HIPRA Turkiye is dedicated to offering innovative solutions. This commitment to prevention in the aquaculture sector and continuous support for industry professionals, is emphasized by the organization of these events.

Turkey workshop with trout producers