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The HIPRA UNIVERSITY course on swine atrophic rhinitis is expanding globally


Following the resounding success in 2016 of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY course focusing on progressive and non-progressive atrophic rhinitis in pigs, it has now extended to 6 new countries (Spain, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and China) in the first half of 2017, and has been attended by over 300 veterinarians.


This HIPRA UNIVERSITY course was notable for the participation of experts such as Pedro Lopes, founder and managing partner of the company PMS-Serviços Veterinários, Lda, and assistant professor at the Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal) and Enric Marco, owner of MARCO VETGRUP S. L. and internationally renowned consultant.

HIPRA was represented by local teams from each country. The sessions included the most important theoretical aspects of the disease, such as its clinical presentationsdiagnosis and vaccination as the principal method of prevention, with special emphasis on both progressive and non-progressive atrophic rhinitis.

It is important to emphasize the role of Bordetella bronchiseptica as the causal agent of non-progressive atrophic rhinitis, that can also act as a predisposing factor for other respiratory disorders. The sessions also included a practical session that focussed on the evaluation of the nasal turbinates for diagnosis of the disease, during which attendees could actively participate in the analysis and discussion of the results.

The course forms part of the HIPRA UNIVERSITY continuing education programme that offers customised training solutions for veterinarians. With this initiative, HIPRA strengthens its commitment to prevention in Animal Health and atrophic rhinitis.